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The Bio

Olympic Torch Run
Newfoundland born, ECMA nominated singer/songwriter Lorne Warr  composes and performs music that connects the “then and now and islands on both edges of the country.”  Writer and broadcaster Diane Laloge,  says of his music:  "Lorne's songs, sung in a rich baritone voice, are a cry from the heart that stand against the winds of change that buffet all of us.  They are a warm safe shelter from the storm." Raised in the small coastal town of Lewisporte, Lorne's memories of listening to his Granny’s button accordion and his father’s stories of ghost ships and pirates have propelled him down his life path of musician and storyteller.

As a musician, Lorne has explored many musical genres, from rock to solo classical guitar to folk to jazz, and as a writer, he has produced scripts for stage and radio. His radio script "The Plot" was nominated for an ACTRA award and "The Lark Ascending" won a Gabriel. Most recently he can add to his credits East Coast Music Association nominated for his album "Halfway Up the Stairs" in the Roots/Traditional Album of the year category. Wish us luck in Charlottetown this April!

After moving to Vancouver, BC, Lorne formed the Celtic quartet "The Streels" and released an album “A Night on the Marge" . The Streels have toured extensively around Western Canada playing everything from festivals to rowdy pubs to luxury resorts; and opening for bands such as Doug and the Slugs and Trooper. Though the original lineup has changed a bit, the Streels are still busy and feature some extraordinary  musicians, including Jamie Snider of the legendary Newfoundland group "The Wonderful Grand Band."

Recently, Lorne returned to his passion for storytelling to write and record Halfway up the Stairs,  a solo album of mostly personal stories including the award winning “Back to the Island Again.” Other songs tell about his grandfather leaving Newfoundland to work on the New York skyscrapers, his loneliness on the road, his gratitude to come home, and that precious time late at night when he stands and watches his six-month old daughter asleep in her crib.

Halfway up the Stairs brings together Lorne the musician and Lorne the storyteller in an album that celebrates his Newfoundland roots with a traditional folk delivery that retains many of the qualities of the music he
BC Highland Games
loved as a child. Lorne plays many of the instruments on the album including guitar, harmonica, mandolin, button accordion, organ, bass guitar, and percussion.  But it is the songwriting, heartfelt and subtle, espressed in that rich, sincere baritone, that really make the album unique.  As Maya Chang, Festival Coordinator of Desert Daze Festival said,  "His music inspires, and the warmth of his voice comes through in every song." 

East Coast Tour Planned Summer 2014

The History

In the summer of 2013 we embarked on a tour of Newfoundland with Lewisporte native Lorne Warr's new CD "Halfway Up the Stairs" in hand. We had a great time touring this past August and played for audiences in St Johns for the Folk Night at the Ship, Gander's Festival of Flight, Lewisporte's Citadel House, and all the way up to Little Bay Islands for its Traditional Songwriters Festival. We loved it so much and the response to Lorne and his music was so well received that our family is going to make our home in Newfoundland every summer, and from there who knows ...

Summer 2014

Fast forward to our plans for the summer of 2014 which includes a more extensive tour of Newfoundland to make further in roads for Lorne in Newfoundland and on the East Coast by touring as much as the communities of Newfoundland will have us. What a better way to add a one two punch and up the game a bit then to bring along Mr Jamie Snider of The Wonderful Grand Band. 

 Two year ago Lorne was on stage playing the Kerry Polka-- a tune made famous by Jamie and the Wonderful Grand Band-- as Jamie walked his dog past the open door of the venue. Intrigued, and suspecting the player was from Newfoundland, he stopped in and introduced himself. Soon after that chance meeting they began playing together; and right from the beginning it was obvious that Jamie's rich and brilliant fiddle playing, and his deep understanding of traditional music, were the perfect addition to Lorne's songs-- songs that were brand new but deeply influenced by Newfoundland traditional music. Since they both had a burning desire to return to there east coast roots, an east coast tour was the next logical step.

 The Program

The program that we will be using for our shows this summer will feature both Lorne and Jamie sharing their songs ~ songs that many have heard via the Wonderful Grand band and songs that they have never heard before but will want to again. This is a collaboration of two very gifted East Coast performers who wish to keep the tradition of Newfoundland Folk music alive.

If your festival, community event, or even favorite watering hole, are looking for some top notch East Coast performers drop us a line at lornewarr at gmail dot com ~ check in often to the Upcoming Shows page to see where we will be in the coming year!

The Buzz

CBC Newfoundland radio interview with Angela Antle for her Weekend Arts Magazine ~ WAM! Listen to the Interview here! 

East Coast Kitchen Party ~ remains a fundamental feature of Atlantic Canada’s culture. It speaks to our history and our future.Review of Halfway up the Stairs from East Coast Kitchen Party

Folk Oasis, with Val Cormier, CITR, 101.9 FM Vancouver, BC ~ Folk Oasis airs every Wednesday from 8 to 10pm.Join Lorne and Val as they chat about his new album, 'Halfway up the Stairs', amongst other things. Have a listen at your leisure at:  Folk Oasis Lorne Warr Interview 
To hear Lorne's interview go to the 29 minute mark ~ but the whole show is great!

Craig Mills host of  Blues and Roots Radio featured Lorne on his program "The Eastern Passage"  His review of his album "Halfway up the Stairs" ~ "A lovely musical representation of the then and now connecting islands on both edges of the country.  Lorne is well on his way to climbing the rest of the stairs with this album"

Lewisporte Pilot, Artist Feature by Carolyn R. Parsons:
"LEWISPORTE/BOWEN ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA — Artistic freedom is the theme and the method behind the songwriting of Lewisporte born singer-songwriter Lorne Warr.
His newest offering, Halfway up the Stairs, promises to be a collection of organically grown tunes with just one fiddle set not being written by the Bowen Island, British Columbia resident."
Read the Full Article Here!

Maya Chang, Festival Coordinator, Desert Daze Festival
"His music inspires and the warmth of his voice comes through in every song." 

North by Northwest CBC Radio 
Sheryl MacKay - Host 

"Lorne Warr's vocals on Wild Mountain Thyme are brilliant, always leading listeners to write in to ask who is singing. Plus their musical version of The Cremation of Sam McGee should be declared a Canadian classic."  

Bowen Island Undercurrent ~ Olympic Torch Run Winning Composition Songwriting Contest
"Back to the Island Again" ...Warr's song, with its upbeat tempo, in a style reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot's finest tunes, ended up being the unanimous decision." Murray Atherton, Spirit of BC, Chair Person.

Diane Lalonge, Poet, Author, and Broadcaster, Vancouver, BC
"Lorne Warr, born and raised in Lewisporte Newfoundland, is rapidly evolving into a tour de force on the Canadian folk scene.  His grasp of multifaceted folk idioms give his work a colour and texture that defines the fabric of our own common experience and his heartfelt and exquisitely crafted lyrics put his songs on a par with some of the greats of Canadian folk history.  His songs "East Side West Side" and "The Nellie W", have just as much punch and poignancy as anything Stan Rogers ever wrote and "Come Down to Paris" The Edge of the Ocean" could easily compare with fellow Newfoundlander Ron Hynes' unforgettable "Sonny's Dream".  With his Olympic pick for the torch run," Back to the Island Again", there is a faint whisper of a young Gordon Lightfoot but with a totally west coast feel.  You can practically smell the wet cedar while he's singing."  

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