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Yes we have the polished bio and pics all neatly arranged to help promote what we do (FYI its under the Lorne Warr and The Streels tabs ;) but who are WE? Many of you have had a chance to meet us at our shows and how we love to chat with you all! Yet many of those who are visiting our website ~ well that would be right now since you are reading this ~ have not. So this is our unofficial, official bio of who Lorne Warr and his family, of which includes his musicians, are. Because isn't that what folk music is about? Sharing our stories and in doing so connecting us all in the bigger picture of our individual lives? With out further adieu here is our story:

Lorne Warr has been known as Lonesome Lorne to some, Lorne from the Streels to others, but to us he is a husband and father. Lorne and I met at a Celtic session a good while ago, he was the session leader, I was the quiet bodhran player in the corner (until I got a few Strongbow in me and then look out!!). I distinctly remember our first conversation of which took a while because although Lorne is quite gregarious on stage he is a shy Newfoundland boy at heart. I had been tossing around the idea of getting into music promo and Lorne's band The Streels just may have been in need of one ~ although thinking back I think this was just his "in" to get a word with me. Funny that now this is exactly what I do for him, maybe a premonition? I digress. After a few months and a wicked snow storm that land locked us both for a few days, Lorne and I were officially a Lorne and I.

As the years went by we knew that my living on Bowen Island and he living in the city, was a bit ridiculous in the commute. This is when we decided to make a leap and buy an RV together ~ you thought I was going to say get married but no that's for the common folk! As a working musician gigs don't necesarily jive with BC Ferries, so the RV (officially named the Creation Station) provided an ideal solution for our situation. It was in this RV that most of the songs on the upcoming album were created. Moving to Bowen, maybe getting back in touch with his island roots, opened the flood gates to the muse of the song writer and song after song was born. From Back to the Island to From the Heart, Lorne began laying down his material in his home made studio in the van, with track after track of his own instrumentals while learning the art of editing his material in the process.

Family is important to Lorne. So much of that was instilled in him as a youngster growing up in Newfoundland. Having his father, an avid story teller himself, share the folk lore of Peter Easton the famous Newfoundland pirate and of ghost ships on the North Atlantic its no wonder that he has penned some of his songs based on these stories. His own family is rich in history with one grandfather who captained the schooner "The Nellie W" and his other grand da who joined the migration of Newfoundlanders who went to New York to work the high steel of which "East Side West Side" is about. I couldn't be remiss and leave the fact a couple of his songs might have reference to herself with "Come Down to Paris" and "The Wind", awe shucks! Any good songwriter will write about those they love and draw on personal experience, which Lorne has done splendidly.

Brendan, Lorne, and Jennie
A big part of our family is our musicians, Jennie, Brendan, Mike, Tom, Wayne (not enough!) and Rev on drums. How lucky are we that Lorne gets to work with THE top musicians in our genre. With awards and accolades oozing from all of them, they elevate Lorne's work to amazing heights. 

Lorne is a working musician, has been for more years than not, but did you know that he is also a commercial pilot? Following in his fathers love for the sky he to wanted to soar in the clouds and completed his commercial pilots licence. A degree in physics also is on his resume. The definition of physics: "The branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy" which could also define the art of music, no? With a Gabriel award for his play The Lark Ascending and a contest winning pilot episode for CBC television, of which his script was chosen as the winning entry (they never took it up but pretty cool to win). He has also had a number of his plays featured on the radio back in Newfoundland: all of this would indicate he is more than just a writer of songs.

Lorne in flight over Squamish
And how great is it that after being compared to Stan Rogers and Gordon Lightfoot over the course of his career that he got an opportunity to jam with the son of Stan and fly with the son of Gordon all within a year of each other? This type of stuff has to mean something doesn't it? Which is why we keep at it. Everyday. Being a working musician and a family that relies on the income of the a fore mentioned means that no day goes by with out some lead to follow, some post to share, a contract to sign, a deal to close, a song to write, practice, or record depending on the stage of its development. Through it all, myself and our family, have never given up faith in Lorne. Not even for a minute. Not even when we had the joyous news that our family was to grow even bigger and that a sibling was arriving for my two older children, Andra and Ethan.

You would think that with expecting a little one into the family, Lorne's first child, that we may think, "is it time to pack it in and get a real job?". Nope. Not even for a moment. I did indicate we would have to bump it up a few notches and we did as this past year was one of our most successful to date.

Liliana Marion Warr
Our Christmas miracle was born in the nick of time after some confusion with BC ferries (who knew so many ferries would be cancelled on Christmas morning). It was a good thing we had the RV which has payed itself off in droves! Liliana Marian Warr has added her magic into our lives and has already inspired her da to pen her a song aptly named "Liliana". Already showing an interest in music with her unique plucking style on the Uke & prowess at the shaky egg, Liliana just may choose to join her dad on stage one day ~ she already has at Lorne's weekly session!

So now more than ever, with our CD just about to be released, we will keep the faith, because without faith, without following your passion, without doing what you were gifted to do, what would life be about? Working for the man is not in our plan. So join us, become a part of our family, have a listen to the music that has been created with a family cheering on in the background. We will periodically share snippets from our life here on beautiful Bowen Island. Help us keep the faith and share with us how Lorne's music or performance has touched you. Kind words go a long way in the game called the music business. And please do share our story and our music with your friends and help to support our family affair.

With many thanks from our family to yours,

Genevieve (the manager), Lorne (the musician), Andra, Ethan, and wee Liliana (the groupies)
and Moon and Midnight too ~ meow!! (the roadies)

The family on Bowen Island