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"Lorne’s traditional folk delivery retains many of the qualities of how (East Coast) music originally sounded. He plays most of the instruments on the album including; guitar, harmonica, mandolin, button accordion, organ, bass guitar and percussion. His ability to do that really shines through on the instrumental “Morning in Genevieve’s Garden.”

 Lorne recently returned home and secured some festival appearances while there. He has that determination needed in this business, so expect to hear more from him in the future."

Full Review of CD Halfway up the Stairs from East Coast Kitchen Party

North by Northwest CBC Radio 
Sheryl MacKay - Host

"The first time I heard The Streels, I was struck by their energy, their great sound, their love of the music, and the fun they were having playing together. Their first CD, A Night on the Marge, shows how they can put a Streels stamp on some of the standards, and make new songs that sound like they've been sung for centuries. Lorne Warr's vocals on Wild Mountain Thyme are brilliant, always leading listeners to write in to ask who is singing. Plus their musical version of The Cremation of Sam McGee should be declared a Canadian classic. The Streels make me want to sing along and dance... and when they play, I don't want them to stop."

Festival of Flight, Musicfest, Gander, Newfoundland

Having Lorne bring his talents to our stage at  Gander ’s Festival of Flight was a real treat.  His rich voice and guitar picking  was a fine example of his music abilities.  I would love to get the opportunity to have Lorne back again on one of his visits back to Newfoundland.  A professional 1st class act all the way !  

Walt Gill Special Events Planner , Town Of Gander

Lorne Warr and the Streels played two outdoor stages at CelticFest 2012. Also Lorne did a workshop on button accordion. As the Director of Programming and Planning I would like to say that they were
excellent to work with and a pleasure to present. The crowd responded well to their arrangements of covers of Celtic classics as well as to Lorne’s original offerings. The band is composed of obviously
seasoned professionals, whose on-stage banter is relaxed and confident and funny. I would highly recommend hiring this act.


Ross W. Powell
Director of Programming and Production
CelticFest Vancouver

"Lorne Warr was a perfect fit for our festival. His music inspires and the warmth of his voice comes through in every song.  The light-hearted East coast rhythms will get your foot tapping and the melodies appeal to a diverse audience. One of my favorite moments of the festival this year was seeing Jack Garton (from Maria in the Shower) playing up there with Jennie and Lorne after they jammed the night before at the Inn.  It's so wonderful for me to see collaborative "magic" like that." - 
Maya Chang, Festival Coordinator, Desert Daze Festival

Gene McDonnell of CFBX

I find The Streels to be great interpreters of celtic and folk music. I play them frequently on my Celtic Connection show on CFBX radio in Kamloops, British Columbia. I have seen them here in Kamloops and they are a pleasure to see and watch, with such great stage presentation.

Bowen Island Undercurrent
Bowen has a new song!
Olympic Torch Run Bowen Island

"Back to the Island Again" is an original composition by local singer/songwriter Lorne Warr.

   Chair Murray Atherton said the competition was stiff. "We received nine great songs - toe-tapping music and warm hearted ballads that caught the spirit of this place we call home. It was a tough decision to chose just one song, as they were all so impressive.
   "However, Warr's song, with its upbeat tempo, in a style reminiscent of Gordon Lightfoot's finest tunes, ended up being the unanimous decision.

White Rock Elks Folk Series
Thanks again for what was clearly a wonderful show on Saturday. 

The fact that the audience shouted for "more" even after you had done your encore speaks to how well you were received.

As a player myself, I was very impressed by the musicianship of the entire band.  Jenny and Brendan are amazing players and the harmonies they were laying down behind your vocal really filled out the sound.  You have a big sound considering that there are only 3 people on stage.  I enjoyed your originals and felt that you had a perfect balance of old familiar tunes and new originals (that you immediately want to hear again).  

You (Lorne) have written some great songs that I hope will get covered by others and make you a bundle of money.

All the best to you and The Streels.
Ray Fynes  
Artistic Director,
White Rock, BC  

Port Albeni Community Concert Series

"Your warmth and enthusiastic rapport with the audience created an evening of superb enjoyment."

Mrs. Gareth Flostrand
Arts Administrator, Rollin Art Centre

Lorne Warr and The Streels perform live at The  Dylan Thomas Circle summer solstice festival of poetry and music..A review by Diane Laloge

Dylan Thomas enjoyed music greatly and counted among his friends a number of musicians.  I think he would have been particularly pleased with the music of singer songwriter Lorne Warr and his band The Streels who were the musical features at our June 17th festival of poetry and music.  They made and outstanding contribution to the festivals attempt to highlight poetry and song writing as equally valid and intricately beautiful art forms.
Lorne Warr, born and raised in Lewisport Newfoundland, is rapidly evolving into a tour de force on the Canadian folk scene.  His grasp of multifaceted folk idioms give his work a colour and texture that defines the fabric of our own common experience and his heartfelt and exquisitely crafted lyrics put his songs on a par with some of the greats of Canadian folk history.  His songs "East Side West Side" and "The Nellie W", have just as much punch and poignency as anything Stan Rogers ever wrote and "Come Down to Paris" The Edge of the Ocean" could easily compare with fellow Newfoundlander Ron Hynes' unforgettable "Sonny's Dream".  With his Olympic pick for the torch run," Back to the Island Again", there is a faint whisper of a young Gordon Lightfoot but with a totally west coast feel.  You can practically smell the wet cedar while he's singing. 
Lornes' songs, sung in a rich baritone voice, are a cry from the heart that stand against the winds of change that buffet all of us.  They are a warm safe shelter from the storm.
The instrumentals must not be overlooked in this review.  Lorne is not only a consumate singer songwriter, but an accomplished musician as well.  He plays guitar, mandolin, button accordeon and bodhran.  The band for the evening, consisting of "Dangerous Mary Brunner" on fiddle and Wayne Morcome on guitar flew through the jigs and reels that had the crowd dancing down the midnight hour and the walls of the old pub bulging with good will and whiskey.  It was a grand kitchen party Newfie style and following the the brilliant and varied poetry of the first half of the show, it was the best of Celtic Traditions; A Battle of The Bards where we all won the prize of beauty and transcendence.  Dylan Thomas was sitting at the bar smiling. 
Lorne Warrs' music can be listened to and viewed at
Diane Laloge is an Author, journalist and broadcaster living and working in Vancouver~